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The purpose of writing this complain is to indicate the unprofessional treatment involving bullying and race discrimination of Kristal and Carmen, the front desk customer service representatives at the Endocrinology Old Orchard Northshore Hospital, Skokie department. I am not sure whether the nanes of Kristal and Carmen are spelled correctly, but they are spelled the way they are pronounced.

The race discrimination of Kristil and Carmen can clearly be observed by their unwillingness to assist me when it was my turn to be assisted, which bullying technique and reverse duscrimination was started by Kristal when I was not even standing on her line. I was standing in front of Karmen. In addition, Kristal started to display some bipolar symptoms with maniac episodes toward me, which were not consistent with the given situation and did not make any sense at this moment, considering that both of them finished helping the previous customers at the same time. Kristal' s type of bullying gave me anxiety attack and made me shake alot, which shaking continued for the next 3 hours I was there attending my appointment.

After experiencing this unethical treatment and reverse discrimination by Kristal, I informed Kristal that I am shaking very severly at this moment and that I am pregnant. However, even informing them of the side effects of their unprofessional bullying on my health did not make them considerate with my situation, and Kristal did not improve her disrespectful attitute. In fact, she started laughing and mocking me in satisfaction that she has hurt me, which bullying technique was followed by Carmen. Kristal and Carmen did not appologize at any time for their disrespectful behavior and unfair treatment.

They did not appologize when I infirmed them of how their unethical customer service skills have impacted my health. They also did not appologize when I informed them that their laughing and mocking techniques about my health conditions and the side effects of their behavior on my health is type of bullying. The other consequences of the Kristal' s reverse discrimination toward me and the bullying techniques of Kristal and Carmen toward me are my pulse was 100. My pulse has always been mostly 80.

In addition, my blood pressure was 112/80. My blood pressure has always been at most 105/60. My blood pressure is mostly on lower level. In addition, when I made my doctor's appointment with the endicrinology department with Kristal and Carmen, I was not informed that I would need to see someone else after I see the doctor.

I believe it is important for people to be informed they need to see someone else after they see the doctor when they make an appointment for a doctor. If I was told this when I was making the doctor' s appointment, i would be considerate of comming earlier. However, they told me that I will stay only for an hour in the doctor' s office when I asked them how long the appointment would take during the time when I was making my appointment. I also believe that it is important for the front desk people to secure a time for the next person people need to see because people also may need to go to work after the appointment time.

However, my appointment from one hour turned into three hours. I was told by the doctor that the nurse practitioner has available time to see me immediately after the doctor' s appointment. However, I was waiting for the nurse more than an hour. In fact, the time when she was available was the time when she finished with her last patient.

If I was told that I would need to wait for the nurse more than an hour, I would reschedule the appointment for another day. However, they did not let me leave the room where it was my original appintment with the doctor, and I was held there like a prisoner. I did not know what is the time in order to make my plans of whether to reschedule the appointment for the nurse. In addition, I did not have my cell phone with me to inform my mother, who was waiting outside, of the current situation in order for her not to get wirried.

I asked them if they can bring my mother in the room where I am. They told me to go inside the room and that they will bring her. I was waiting for a long time in the dictor' s office after I finished with the doctor' s appointment, and my mother was still not brought in the room. I knew my mother would get worried because I was staying for a very long time in the room, and she did not know what is happening.

At some time the nurse came, and she said that she is not ready yet. I asked her if my mother can be brought in the room. She said that my mother will be brought in the room during the time when I meet with the nurse. I wanted to have a discussion with my mother whether we should see the nurse after 12 p.m.

because my mother needs to be at work at 2 p.m. After waiting more than an hour for the nurse, my mother was brought in the room and she was very worried. Her clock showed after 12 p.m. The nurse was not accepting us yet.

My mother opened the door to ask when the nurse will be ready. A lady brought her inside the room and said that she will ask the nurse. When she came back she said that the nurse is finishing with her last patient. Again, they should be considerate, and they should have told us that we need to wait for the nurse to finish with her last patient.

They also should have told us that the nurse will take someone else during her open time instead of taking us as we were originally told. During my appointment with the nurse, I appreciate about her explanation how to check my glucose. However, more than 80 percent of her explanation was to eat cheese, yogurt, ice cream. Everyone knows that cheese, yogurt, and ice cream can be detrimental during pregnancy in terms of bringing listeria to the fetus and causing preterm labor, miscarriage and even death for the fetus.

In addition, she was telling me I can not eat apples when apples regulate the blood sugar. I understand if she was telling me not to eat bananas or melon because they have too much sugar. She also told me to drink 1 glass of milk every 3 hours when milk regulates the blood sugar. We finished with the nurse after 1 p.m.

when my mother should have already left home for her wirk, which starts at 2 p.m. My mother had to call her boss and tell her that she will be 30 minutes late for work.

Are they going to pay us our bills? Their unprofessional behavior and unfair treatment is not worth someone to loose their job for bullies like this.

Review about: Northshore University Healthsystem Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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